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Accredited International Continuing Professional Development Courses - Drivers


Continuing Professional Development courses (CPDs) improve the knowledge and expertise of drivers by giving them a competitive edge in the diverse and changing world of transport. The aim is to boost an individual’s potential by helping them retain credibility in their profession and maintain a high level of professional competence.

Graben Logistics Academy offers internationally accredited and certified CPDs that suit the needs of drivers in current times. These courses will equip drivers with in- demand skills and mitigate challenges in the transport industry, bridging the gap for quality driving.

Accredited International Continuing Professional Development Courses (CPDS)

For Drivers

Safe Coupling & Uncoupling Procedures

Transport Risk Assessment Awareness Training

Managing Incidents in Road Transport and Basic First Aid

Driver Behavioural Psychometric Assessment and Guided E-Learning

Vehicle Operational

Defensive Driving

HGV EAC Abridged

Basic Mechanics and Maintenance

Convoy Management/Truck Pusher

DDT- Safe Low Loader Truck Driving

DDT-Safe Tanker Truck Driving

DDT- Safe Tipper Truck Driving

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